Blood and Water

Jimmy Lin, Teresa Fai’s boyfriend, watches helplessly as his mentor Xu Jian is murdered by a mysterious female assassin. Vancouver Homicide Detective Josephine “Jo” Bradley and her partner -- and lover -- Detective Evan Ong, investigate the murder.

Mystery Alley - Blood and Water

Season 2
Season 1
Season 2
  • Blood and Water S02 E01 - Episode 201

    Jimmy Lin, Teresa Fai’s boyfriend, watches helplessly as his mentor Xu Jian is murdered by a mysterious female assassin. Vancouver Homicide Detective Josephine “Jo” Bradley and her partner -- and lover -- Detective Evan Ong, investigate the murder.

  • Blood and Water S02 E02 - Episode 202

    Jimmy is in hiding and receives a threatening call from the assassin. Jo and Evan discover the murder victim had his immigration sponsored by billionaire real estate developer, Ron Xie. Jo begins to suspect a dirty cop.

  • Blood and Water S02 E03 - Episode 203

    Evan confronts Michelle Chang who threatens Evan in return. Teresa and Jimmy are interviewed about the night of the murder and Jimmy lies to hide the truth about the missing papers. Anna Xie confronts her father and urges him to call off the merger with his old nemesis, Victor Li.

  • Blood and Water S02 E04 - Episode 204

    : Jo receives a cryptic e-mail from her brother Nianzu in China. Evan uncovers a tie between Xu Jian and Victor Li that threads back to China. Jo and Evan interrogate Ron Xie and Victor Li. Both deny any knowledge of Xu Jian’s murder. Jo asks Evan if he’s the dirty cop.

  • Blood and Water S02 E05 - Episode 205

    Michelle’s puppet master is revealed. Michelle vows to find the papers and kill Jimmy. Teresa tells Jimmy his friend is dead. Enraged and bent on revenge, he bargains with an increasingly desperate Michelle.

  • Blood and Water S02 E06 - Episode 206

    Teresa and Jimmy’s relationship begins to unravel. Michelle demands Evan give her the address of the safe house where Teresa and Jimmy are hiding or his deepest secret will be revealed.

  • Blood and Water S02 E07 - Episode 207

    Jo decides to go to China for her brother’s funeral. She leaves Jimmy and Teresa in Evan’s care. Finally faced with evidence of Victor Li’s wrongdoings, Ron Xie makes a fateful decision.

  • Blood and Water S02 E08 - Episode 208

    Enraged, Ron Xie confronts Victor Li. Zhongchen intervenes with disastrous results. Weiran Xie leaves her husband but not before Anna confesses to a tragic mistake.

  • Blood and Water S01 E01 - Episode 101

    In a follow up examination with her doctor, Jo has a biopsy to determine how far her cancer has advanced. She likely has a genetic marker for a series of cancers and her doctor asks her about her family history. Jo skirts the question. But her ‘bad-day-to-end-all-bad-days’ is just beginning. At the station, she has no time to catch her breath: she’s assigned her first case as lead detective over the seniority of her partner, Detective Al Gorski. It’s a case that’s bound to draw public attention but her commanding officer, Lt. Chu, takes a risk and gives her the assignment.

  • Blood and Water S01 E02 - Episode 102

    When Paul Xie, Charlie’s older brother & a high profile newspaper editor, arrives to comfort his sister, it falls to him to break the news to his parents. When Li-Rong Xie, he dismisses Jo and demands to speak with her commanding officer.

  • Blood and Water S01 E03 - Episode 103

    As Jo and Gorski’s interrogation of Tang continues, it’s not just the doomed love affair that provides an obvious motive. Tang tells them Anna was being blackmailed by Charles, paying him off in huge monthly sums so he wouldn’t tell their father about the affair.

  • Blood and Water S01 E04 - Episode 104

    As the rift in the Xie family grows, the cracks between them also splinter. Grief and blame over Charlie’s murder turn the family in on each other. Ron demands that they stick together and his hold over his family starts to slip.

  • Blood and Water S01 E05 - Episode 105

    Paul is cagey, pugnacious and difficult. He admits only that he knew about the suicide attempt and says he has no knowledge of why his brother would want to kill himself back in the day.

  • Blood and Water S01 E06 - Episode 106

    flashback to a group of average looking men sitting in a circle. It looks like a run-of-the-mill AA meeting in a church basement anywhere. But, when the addict starts to talk, we know we’re hearing the confessions of a secret support group for pedophiles led by a doctor who is risking his career by trying to help them control and cope with their urges.

  • Blood and Water S01 E07 - Episode 107

    The clock is ticking and the pressure is mounting. Jo talks Lt. Chu into a huge gamble: let’s arrest Anna, we can hold her for 24 hours without charging her, somewhere along the way the family is bound to crack.

  • Blood and Water S01 E08 - Episode 108

    A violent struggle. It’s Charles and Paul on the night Charlie died. Charles is drunk, reeling, and he finally has the courage to confront Paul about the abuse he endured when they were children. Charlie swears that Paul will never, ever, come near his child. What Paul did must never be repeated especially not with his own kid.

  • Blood and Water S01 E09 - Episode 109

    It’s now a couple months after the big case and Jo is healthy and ready to get back to work. The Xie family are connected to another murder.

  • Blood and Water S01 E10 - Episode 110

    Jo is quickly wrapped into another Xie family drama, amidst a personal one of her own. Ron is brought into the station for questioning. Teresa is convinced she knows who killed Jennifer Liu.

  • Blood and Water S01 E11 - Episode 111

    Jo receives mysterious adoption letters from China that she can’t understand. The Xie Holdings drama continues, and Victor pressures Weiran to persuade Ron to sell the company. Evan and Jo grow close, and he takes her to the crime scene for the first time.

  • Blood and Water S01 E12 - Episode 112

    Evidence goes missing, and Anna confronts her father about culpability in Jennifer’s murder. Jo finds out her mother has been lying, and an awkward moment finally happens between her and Barron. A new suspect is revealed.

  • Blood and Water S01 E13 - Episode 113

    More tragedy and scandal befall the Xie family, Jo and Evan are reprimanded by Barron. Ron and Weiran come to an argreement.

  • Blood and Water S01 E14 - Episode 114

    Following Guanjin’s death, Jennifer’s murderer is revealed and arrested. Jo searches for answers to her adoption letters, only to find more questions when she gets through to China.

  • Blood and Water S01 E15 - Episode 115

    Ron enlists Jo’s help to protect his family. Anna is betrayed by Zongchen, and Jo moves closer to discovering her true identity.

  • Blood and Water S01 E16 - Episode 116

    We see what happened the night of Jennifer’s murder. Jo and Evan part ways. After learning the truth about who she is, Jo makes the decision to return home.

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